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 Life Coach

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Your health is important 


"You are the source of all your emotions; you are the one who creates them. Plant these emotions daily, and watch your whole life grow with vitality that you've never dreamed of before."

Tony Robbins







 WALK DAILY - Make sure to stay hydrated!

 “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water."







FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - 3 times per week

5 mins workout (4 Rounds 20min)

30 (each exercise)

1. Single Squats (alternate legs)

2. Side Planks (alternate arms)

3. Side Mountain Climber 

4. Rotational Lunges (Arm Reaching Down)

5. Reverse Lunges (Use Sliders Optional)

6. Wall Push-Ups or (Floor push-ups on knees)

7. Dips (Use a Chair)

8. Jumping Jacks or (Jump Rope)

9. Step up Burpees  or (Donkey Kicks)

10. Planks Hold or (Forearm to full extension)



 Make sure to clean your mats! 




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