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Do you want to get in shape?
Take some time to read through the questions to get started on setting a fitness goal for yourself.

What should you do?
  • What is it that you enjoy to do?
  • It is recommend that you accumulate 30 mins of physical activity a day.
  • Once you learned what you enjoy to do such as taking a Pilates class, stick with it!
  • Don't be lazy or procrastinate.
  • Take action and write down what you are eating for one week.
  • If you have stairs at home go up and down your stairs for 10mins, and stretch properly for 10 seconds each hold per stretch.
  • By increasing your Flexibility, it will help to prevent injuries, such as falls, which are so common among 50 years and up, but a simple accident can happen to anyone. Age does not determine your fitness level.
  • Have your body fat measured to measure your fitness level.
  • If you are a member of a gym, "go to the gym!"
  • Find out if it would be best to workout in morning, afternoon, or evenings, "Just fit it in your schedule." 
  • If you are not a member of a gym let me know, so I can plug you in!

Are you doing what it takes?

Do I get tired quick?
Do I have a fitness goal?
Can I be in better shape?
Do I have good eating habits?
Do I feel good about myself?


How did you hear about our web site?
What area did you find most useful?
How satisfied are you with the information on the site?
How likely are you to recommend this site to others?

1. Find a person you can workout with or hire a trainer.
2. You only look as good as you feel. You will be surprised that on your hard days you might look great all because you are taking great care of yourself by exercising and eating right.
3. Eating the right foods will get you through the day, but exercising and eating right will give you energy through the day. (www.411fit.com)
4. Instead of driving every where take a walk, "it less expensive."


To get started in a fitness program first set a goal!